Our Philosophy

Seldom, in this fast-paced world of meetings and deadlines do we take time to give ourselves true sustenance. We often take our food to-go, or just rush through our meal and move on to the next task. How often do you find the time to savor and enjoy the meal you are having? When was the last time you could call your meal a dining experience?

At Fyusion Dining*, we believe that every meal we create evokes the dining experience. We render the sense of communion and satisfaction inherent in this dining experience a reality with the highest quality food tailored to you and your guests’ preferences and taste. This experience is composed not only of the food you eat, but also of a mixture of company and ambiance that elevates your meal into the realm of the sublime.

We provide a customized, versatile East-meets-West menu that will stimulate your appetite with savory smells, inspire your palate with a full array of textures, and entrance you with the sights of gastronomic artistry. We believe that the passion we commit to our culinary creations transforms eating from something you do for nourishment into something exquisite – the more complete sustenance of the dining experience.

So whether you are sharing a meal with a friend, hosting a lavish dinner party, or running a large catered affair; whether you seek the daring or the subtle, we will help you cultivate a dining experience that’s alive.

So whether you are eating a meal with a friend, hosting a lavish dinner party, or having a large catered affair, the opportunity to have a fabulous dining experience is present. Fyusion Dining’s endeavor is to help you capture the dining experience and bring it to your table.

The Chef

Originally from San Francisco, California, Chef Alvin Yu has spent a large portion of his life in the kitchen. Growing up in a large family, he was amazed at how his aunts and uncles could produce plentiful amounts of high-quality food for twenty to thirty people in a few hours. At an early age, he found himself assisting in the kitchens of his father’s Cantonese banquet-style restaurants.

These experiences inspired Chef Yu to pursue learning everything there was to know about the culinary arts. In college he continued to develop his cooking prowess and began to delight his friends with lavish affairs. In 2005, responding to the urging of well-fed friends and family members freshly aglow with their experience of his unifying cuisine, he started Fyusion Dining*. Chef Yu eventually developed a vision of dining that culminates in a feast for the senses - exquisite décor, expertly prepared cuisine, and a passion for encouraging patrons to explore the limitless diversity of the culinary world.